Ka-vulungan Coffee
卡彿魯岸 KA-VULUNGAN,為原住民排灣族語,其原意為大拇指,後衍生出有「第一的」、「最好的」之意。後來被世居於大武山麓的吾拉魯滋部落用來稱呼雄偉壯麗的大武山主峰。


"KA-VULUNGAN" the name comes from Paiwan language. The original meaning is thumb, it also has the meaning of "the first one" and "the best one". Thereafter, it becomes the name of the main peak of Dawu Mountain between tribal people.

KA-VULUNGAN Coffee Estate, located in Southern Taiwan Dawu Mountain Pingtung County, 1,200 meters above sea level, absorbing plenty of sunshine essence, pure natural water and soil, the use of organic planting method. In order to pursue the highest quality, the team continued to introduce the latest technologies, from planting, harvest management, processing methods, to coffee baking incense, constantly to improve. Only the quality of coffee, drink up the mellow mouth, only to afford the test of consumers picky.
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