Bai Er Sui
我們知道 『傳承向來就不是件簡單的事,創新更是需要一顆勇敢與堅定的心』
2014 百二歲 正式成立
百二歲 是期許也是祝福 身為百年茶農的下一代
發展出結合在地文化生活特色之伴手禮,讓台灣的茶穿上台灣文化的新衣,秉持著健康天然無毒的理念,讓茶有了多元創新的新風貌。讓不同的國籍、不同的年齡層,與各種不同的茶可能 有了新的邂逅 ;茶不再只是拿來喝。

Everyone knows that “ Building a legacy is not easy, to innovate requires a heart of steel. ” Established in 2014, Bai Er Sui represents expectations and blessings. As the new generation of the tea farm that bear the responsibility of passing on the legacy, it has developed gift ideas that infuse local culture into tea that is healthy and free of pesticides, thus breathing new life into Taiwanese tea traditions. The range of tea products gives customers of different nationalities and ages a realization that tea, “Is not just for drinking”.

百二歲的誕生 期許自己 『不是最好的,我們不要』

“ We want nothing more than the best. ” Is what Bai Er Sui lives by. It wishes not only to share the best tea from it’s home town, but also wishes that all who receive the tea gifts can live healthily to over 120 years old.
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