湯姆福特 (眼鏡)

在與傳奇時裝公司進行不同的合作之後,他於2005年4月宣布創立Tom Ford品牌。同年,湯姆·福特(TomFord)與馬可林集團(MarcolinGroup)簽署了合作夥伴關係,以生產和經銷眼鏡架和太陽鏡。
該品牌的核心價值體現在眼鏡系列中:意大利製造,對細節和高品質產品的刻苦關注。太陽鏡和眼鏡融合了復古和現代氣息。優雅的金屬“ T”細節(該品牌無可爭議的標誌)可立即識別所有樣式。

Tom Ford is among the most highly respected and successful designers today. The winner of numerous design awards, his rise infashion began in 1994. After different collaboration with legendary fashion houses, in April 2005, he announced the creation of the Tom Ford brand. In that same year Tom Ford signed his partnership with MarcolinGroup to produce and distribute optical frames and sunglasses.
In April 2007, his first directly operated retail store opened in New York at 845 Madison Avenue to coincide with the debut of the signature Tom Ford Menswear and Accessory Collection. In February 2011, the Tom Ford Womenswear Collection was introduced to clients worldwide.
The brand’s core values are reflected in the eyewear collection: Made in Italy, with a painstaking attention to detail and high qualityproducts. The sunglasses and glasses merge togetherboth vintage and contemporary influences. All the styles are rendered instantly recognizable by the elegant metal “T” detail, the undisputed icon of the brand.
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