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During the event period,
any single purchase of NT$2,000(it is not cumulative and tobacco is excluded)
or more in Tasa Meng Duty Free Shop in Taoyuan International Airport can be entered for the Lucky Draw after registration on the event’s webpage.
Invioce Login
Invioce login
Please fill in the following basic information for the lucky draw (* is a required field).
*Sales invoice No
*Purchase date
*Purchase amount
*Contact number
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Event organizer
Tasa Meng Corp.
Event period
February 26, 2019 (Thursday) – April 22, 2019 (Monday)
Registration period on the event's webpage
2019/2/26 00:00~2019/4/22 23:59 (GMT+8 ; based on system time)
One prize shall be awarded for NT$1 million worth of Tasa Meng Duty Free Shop shopping voucher.
If for whatever reasons the goods purchased are returned or exchanged, resulting in failing to meet the eligibility criteria for the draw, Tasa Meng Corp. shall cancel the participant’s original sweepstake eligibility.
Drawing date
April 25, 2019 (Thursday). The drawing shall be witnessed by a third party notary-type entity, and one winner shall be drawn.
Winner announcement time
April 29, 2019 (Monday). After the winner is announced, where the awarding procedure cannot be completed before May 31, 2019, the winner shall be deemed to forfeit the prize, and the prize shall be offered to the next alternate selected in the sweepstake (four alternative potential winners shall be drawn in sequence).
Prize collection procedure
The winner will be required to present the original sales invoice, ID card or passport, and a seal to complete the prize collection procedure before the prize collection deadline. The winner who fails to complete the prize collection procedure within the specified period or is disqualified from the prize collection procedure, or fails to fill in the relevant information for prize collection due to the recipient’s personal factors and submit the original sales invoice is deemed to forfeit the prize.
  • During the sweepstake event, any single purchase of NT$2,000 or more in Tasa Meng Duty Free Shop with accurate information provided within the registration period shall be qualified to enter the sweepstake.
  • Each invoice can only be registered once. Where the registration fails, please contact the customer service number 0800-001-699.
  • If the winner cannot be notified due to incomplete or incorrect information provided, the winner shall be deemed to forfeit the prize.
  • The winner shall provide truthful, complete and correct information to collect the prize. If the winners provide false information, Tasa Meng Corp. reserves the right to pursue legal responsibility.
  • In accordance with the tax law of the Republic of China, if the value of the prize exceeds NT$1,000, it will be included in the individual income tax return. If the prize value is more than NT$20,000, the winner (a domestic national or foreign national who is present in the country for more than 183 days in the calendar year) is required to provide photocopies of both sides of the identity card, and pay a withholding tax rate of 10% on the prize value. Regardless of the prize value, a foreign national (who is present in the country for less than 183 days in the calendar year) prize winner shall provide a photocopy of passport information page and pay a withholding tax rate of 20% to collect the prize. If the winner is not willing to pay the withholding tax prior to collecting the prize, the winner is deemed to have forfeited the prize. If the winner is a minor, he/she must provide the consent letter and photocopies of both sides of the ID card of the legal representative before collecting the prize. If the winner cannot claim the prize in person, one of the winner’s lineal family members shall bring the authorization letter for prize collection, proof document of the linear family relationship, the winner’s ID Card or passport and seal, and the sales slip, and pay the withholding tax prior to collecting the prize.
  • If there is any reason for the system to mistakenly send the event information or the winning notification due to the computer, internet, telephone, technology or other causes not attributable to the organizer, Tasa Meng Corp. shall not be held liable, and the participants shall not be dissident.
  • Tasa Meng Corp. reserves the right to review the eligibility of participants in the sweepstake. Participants shall be disqualified and prize shall be recalled if any nonconformance with the sweepstake rules is detected.
  • As a condition of entry into the sweepstake, all participants have understood and agreed that, based on the purpose of the sweepstake, the organizer is granted to collect personal data of all participants for the use of sweepstake management, event notification, etc., and to disclose the winner’s name and partial contact number on the official website for the use of prize redemption.
  • Tasa Meng Corp. reserves the right to change, modify, and terminate the event, and the right of final interpretation. If there are any unfinished matters, the information of the announcement posted on site shall prevail. Any amendment or modification shall be posted on the official website, without separate notice. Upon participating in this sweepstake event, it is presumed the participant(s) has agreed to the rules of the event and the specifications of the terms.
  • Employees of Tasa Meng Corp. and its affiliated enterprises are not eligible to enter this sweepstake and are not qualified for the prize.
Data Protection
Before participating this Event, please read the following policies first; the policies comply with obligations under Taiwan's Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) and relevant regulations. By entering information to the Event Website, you have understood and agreed to the polices.
Company Collecting Personal Information in this Event : Tasa Meng Corporation
Objective of Collection : Sales promotion
Types of Personal Information : Name and contact number, et cetera (refer to Event Website)
  1. Personal Information Use - Period:
    The personal information provided by entrants may be used within one year after the end of this Event.
  2. Winner:
    The personal information provided by the winner will only be used for prize claim purpose and reporting tax. According to tax regulations, basic personal information can be saved up to seven years and will be destroyed when this time period expires; the data is not used for any other purpose.
  3. Personal Information Use - Personnel and Method:
    The necessary personnel of Tasa Meng Corporation shall use the personal data in the manner necessary for the Event execution.
  4. Personal Information Use - Region:
    This Event is available to all customers from every region; The personal information collected will not be used outside of Taiwan. The Rights that Can Be Exercised According to Article 3 of the PIPA and the Methods
  5. After the identity is confirmed by Tasa Meng Corporation (the “Promoter”), participant(s) may apply to the Customer Service Department of Tasa Meng to enquire about, to read, copy or add to/change, cessation of collection, processing or use of, or deletion of, all or part of the personal data.
    All information provided by the Entrants will be regarded as have agreed to the processing and use of the data within the scope necessary for the holding of this Event; in addition, Entrants may choose which personal data columns to fill in; if an Entrant chooses not to fill in certain column, the Promoter reserves the right to forfeiture of eligibility for the prize and participate in this Event.
  6. Participants agree to provide required personal information in this Event free of charge and unconditionally to the Promoter for reasonable processing and use within the scope of this Event.
    Measures to protect the information of participants in this Event Tasa Meng Corporation will protect the security of the personal information of participants in this Event in accordance with related regulations.
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